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Glaucoma in 10314

Best eye doctor in 10314
Best eye doctor in 10314

Glaucoma is a treatable disease, though best and most effectively done so in its early stages. If left unaddressed, serious and perhaps irreversible damage to your optic nerves, vision loss, and even blindness can occur. Here at Focus Vision Care, one of our highest priorities is to help you avoid the consequences of this eye disease.

The cause of glaucoma is an imbalance that forms between the eye fluid you produce and the amount that you drain. This leads to an increase in internal eye pressure, which can eventually become unsafe. As is true of many common eye conditions, there are no symptoms revealed until glaucoma has progressed to a more advanced stage. It’s for this reason that our best eye doctor in 10314 recommends a yearly eye exam for all our valued patients. When you do experience symptoms, however, they can include vision loss, eye pain, tunnel vision, redness in your eyes, hazy vision, halos surrounding light, or even nausea and vomiting, especially in conjunction with one or more of the other listed signs. If you experience any of the listed indications, you should be checked by our best eye doctor in 10314. The fist and most crucial test for diagnosing glaucoma is called tonometry. It measures your internal eye pressure. A field vision test, visual acuity test, and others will be conducted as required to reach a definitive evaluation. Treatment options include special eye drops, which reduce the amount of tears you create, laser treatments to increase the efficiency of your eyes to drain fluid, and microsurgery, designed to create a new channel for drainage.

There is no reason to allow glaucoma to cause you complications that may have a permanent effect on your vision or your eye health. Just call us to book an appointment with our best eye doctor in 10314.

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