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Eye Specialist in Staten Island NY

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Dry eyes in Staten Island NY

Eye specialist in Staten Island NY
Eye specialist in Staten Island NY

At IC Laser Eye care, our eye specialist in Staten Island NY handles dry eyes. Dry eyes can happen as a result of many different conditions. Allergies, weather conditions and climate can all contribute to dry eyes, which can be irritating. Most people who have dry eyes constantly battle them during winter, when winds and cold can dry out tear ducts. Dry eyes doesn’t have to be a debilitating condition, however. There are treatment options.

Treatment for dry eyes may include prescribing over the counter eye drops, prescription medications and pills or avoiding exposure to allergens that aggravate the condition. If none of the treatment options work to make the patient more comfortable, our eye specialist in Staten Island NY may suggest surgery or tear duct plugs, although those are used as a last resort.

The symptoms can be itchy and irritated eyes, and bloodshot or bleary looking eyes. Dry eyes can make eyes red, bloodshot and uncomfortable, but there are solutions. Dry eye can be seasonal or chronic. Dry eyes is a condition that happens when eyes aren’t producing enough tears to keep up with evaporation. In some cases, eyes may produce low quality tears that are not lubricating the eyes properly.

Weather conditions such as wind, sun and dry conditions may exacerbate the eyes so that they stop producing enough tears. There are other factors such as age, gender and arthritis that can also affect dry eyes, and those who have had LASIK surgery may find that they are in danger of getting dry eyes. Our eye specialist in Staten Island NY treats dry eyes as quickly as possible, because if dry eyes aren’t treated properly, they can cause damage to the cornea. Call Focus Vision Care today for the best in vision services and dry eye treatment so your eyes can stay healthy and disease free.

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