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Taking care of your eyes is important, and unfortunately many people are unaware of what may be involved when it comes to ensuring overall eye health. While most people may remember to schedule annual exams with their general practitioner for physicals and checkups, it is important to do so with your eye doctor as well. Our local optometrist in Staten Island can provide you and everyone in your family with the eye care that you need and deserve right here at Focus Vision Care.

Eye care is important and is not something that should only be considered by people with vision impairment or known eye diseases and complications. Everyone should have their eyes checked about once a year. There are many benefits to scheduling these annual visits and our local optometrist in Staten Island can provide you and your family with the most comprehensive eye care possible. Eyes are incredibly sensitive organs of the body, and often complications such as disease or infection can have dire consequences if not treated properly. Many eye diseases yield little to no symptoms when they are in their earlier stages, which is when treatment is preferred. This is because most eye diseases, such as glaucoma or other such conditions, do not exhibit noticeable symptoms until damage has already occurred. Oftentimes this damage may include vision loss in varying capacities. When it comes to eye infections and inflammations, it is always important that you have any new symptoms such as redness, itching, burning or grittiness examined by a doctor. Some of these symptoms can be a sign of eye infection such as pink eye or even of injury such as a corneal abrasion. Eye allergy symptoms should be monitored regularly in order to provide proper treatment to manage symptoms and to make sure that any present symptoms are related to the allergy and not an infection.

Make sure that you take care of you and your family’s eye care today by scheduling an appointment with us here at Focus Vision Care. Our local optometrist in Staten Island can provide you with the overall eye care that you need to stay healthy from year to year.

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