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Do you know just how important your eye health is to your overall health? When was the last time you scheduled an eye exam or even had one performed? It is recommended that everyone have their eyes checked thoroughly by an eye care specialist at least once a year, but unfortunately eye care is often forgotten about. Here at Focus Vision Care, our local Staten Island eye doctor can help you get the comprehensive medical care and treatment you need. Our local eye doctor, Dr. Jain, is here to provide you with routine checkups and to provide you with any further treatment as necessary.

Local Staten Island Eye DoctorLocal Staten Island Eye Doctor
Local Staten Island Eye Doctor

An eye exam here at Focus Vision Care can say a lot about your optical health, your vision health, as well as your overall health. While a comprehensive exam will be able to identify any underlying eye diseases or any vision impairments, these tests can also identify the presence of such medical conditions as diabetes and high cholesterol. These conditions can complicate eye diseases and even put you at a greater risk for developing them. If you have either one or are shown to have it during an exam, it is important that your eye health is monitored regularly. Also, patients with a family medical history of eye disease should have their eyes checked as regularly as possible. This way, if you develop any conditions they can be treated during their earliest stages as possible. Unfortunately, many eye diseases show little to no noticeable symptoms during their earliest stages and can only be identified by a professional during a comprehensive eye exam. That is why regular visits with our local Staten Island eye doctor are so important, even for patients with no family medical history.

Monitoring the development of your visual acuity and monitoring any allergy symptoms is also a benefit of annual eye exams here at Focus Vision Care. Making sure that your prescription is up to date can make sure that you are living your life comfortably and safely, and keeping an eye on allergic reactions can help curb eye infections and other complications. Don’t let your eye health go unchecked any longer and call us to set up an appointment today.

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