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Optical Store Staten Island

When you want to wear contact lenses, the standard eye exam for eyeglasses is performed, and at our Staten Island optical store, Jyotsna Jain, O.D. will test your visual clarity using an eye chart. Dr. Jain will also determine if you have any refractive errors (blurry vision) that prevent your eyes from focusing light properly. Once our optometrist has finished the regular exam, your eyes will be measured to make sure that lenses sit properly over your corneas. You may also be asked to wear trial lenses during the visit to see how your eyes handle them. Our Staten Island optical store is able to provide you with various contact lens choices, including multifocal, bifocal, rigid or soft lenses and you also have the option to change the color of your eyes with colored lenses. If you are requesting contact lenses for the first time, we will give you a thorough evaluation to make certain you are a good candidate for wearing contacts. Because there are so many lens choices, our educated doctors will listen closely to your goals and choose the lens that best suits your lifestyle.

Contact Lenses Staten Island
Contact Lenses Staten Island

Once we are both comfortable with the direction you want to take with your contact lenses, the experts at our Staten Island optical store will perform several more tests to assess your eyes. Because a contact lens rests on the cornea when inserted into your eye, the curvature of the cornea must be measured precisely to guarantee an ideal and healthy fit. Another important test that will be done is the slit lamp exam. Although this test is performed during a regular eye exam, Dr. Jain may spend more time doing a slit lamp exam for a contact lens wearer. From time to time, medical eye problems are identified that need to be treated before continuing on with your fitting.

After contact lens options are discussed, actual diagnostic contact lenses will be placed onto your eyes. A visual acuity test will then be performed to determine how well a contact lens corrects your vision. If you’ve never worn contact lenses, you will be taught the proper way to insert, remove and disinfect them. The doctors at our Staten Island optical store will stress how important hygiene, cleanliness and disinfection are when it comes to your’ lenses. You will probably be allowed to wear the contact lenses for a week and then return for a follow-up visit. At the follow-up visit, Dr. Kain will reassess the contact lenses and solve any potential problems. Fitting contact lenses is both an art and a science that requires the level of expertise you will find with at Focus Vision Care.

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