Staten Island diabetes doctor

Staten Island Diabetes Doctor

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Focus Vision Care is a Staten Island diabetes doctor that treats and diagnoses diabetic retinopathy. Those with diabetes should need to come in twice a year in order to check their eyes for any slight vision changes. Diabetes can harm the tiny blood vessels in the retina in a condition called diabetic retinopathy. Future eye diseases and problems can be somewhat controlled by monitoring and balancing blood sugar levels and by keeping the body healthy.

Those who suffer from diabetes also suffer from an increased risk of glaucoma and cataracts. Regular eye exams with our Staten Island diabetes doctor can help detect these problems early so that treatment can start as soon as possible.Those with high blood sugar levels are also four times more likely to suffer from diabetic retinopathy than those who kept their blood sugar levels under control. Quitting smoking and eating a healthy diet as well as exercising help keep blood sugar and weight under control. Diabetic retinopathy can cause vision loss over time. Patients who suspect they are having eye trouble should come in to see their eye doctor immediately.

If you find that you are having vision problems, you should call our Staten Island diabetes doctor immediately for an appointment.Our office is available for an eye exam Monday through Wednesday, during office hours until 4:30pm and on Friday and Saturdays. We also offer LASIK post-op and pre-op evaluations and care. Call today and find out more about our exciting practice and technology that we use to treat and care for your eyes for life.Call our office at 718-530-0138 to schedule an appointment. Some of our other services include contact lens exams and fittings, laser vision surgery, eye disease treatment, prescription sunglasses, and eyeglass adjustments as well as eyeglass repair.

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