Staten Island Diabetes Doctor

Staten Island Diabetes Doctor

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Diabetic Retinopathy in Staten Island

Having diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, means that you run the risk of complications, including those that affect your eyes. Here at Focus Vision Care, you can depend on expert diagnosis, evaluation, and care from our Staten Island diabetes doctor.

High blood glucose due to diabetes can cause damage to your retinal blood vessels, which is the eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. At its worst, it can be responsible for blocking blood flow to your eyes, resulting in swollen retinas, loss of vision, and possibly complete blindness. Don’t wait for the appearance of symptoms, because they don’t become apparent until the advanced stages of the disease. Instead, commit to visiting our Staten Island diabetes doctor once per year for a thorough examination and screening. Doing so puts the odds in your favor for prompt diagnosis and timely treatment and management. However, you should know about the symptoms that are closely associated with diabetic retinopathy, because if you do experience them, it probably means that you’re dealing with an advanced stage of the disease and you should come in as soon as possible. The most typical way of addressing diabetic retinopathy is with laser treatments, but in mild cases, you may not need any treatment at all. You can see positive results by taking greater control over your blood glucose levels. Work with your primary care doctor or diabetes specialist, in conjunction with our Staten Island diabetes doctor when it comes to coordinating diet, medications, and other methods that are known to be helpful.

It’s no fun to have to deal with the consequences of diabetes, but the good news is that with proper, attentive, regular care, you can maintain a high degree of eye health in spite of the possibility of diabetic retinopathy. Please contact our office to set up a time for your appointment.

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