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Staten Island Optometrist

Focus Vision Care offers the highest level of eye care services in the Staten Island community.  We are a full service optometric office and eye wear retailer.  Our Staten Island optometrist can help identify underlying health issues.  Doctors and eye doctors can tell a lot from looking into your eye.  For example, during an eye exam at our Staten Island eye care center, we can detect changes leading to diabetes.  Staten Island eye care does not only check for eye health and check for prescriptions, we will always check for other health concerns.  Finding diseases early such as diabetes can help prevent further damage.

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One of the effects diabetes has on your eyes is vision damage caused by diabetic retinopathy.  Stopping into our Staten Island eye care facility for your regular eye exam can avoid blindness which roughly 90% of diabetic related blindness occurs.  When you are due for your regular eye exam, usually every 2 years if you have healthy eyes, call our Focus Vision Care office.

Without healthy vision our daily activities can be affected.  We depend on our eye health without even realizing it.  Other health problems such as diabetes can affect our eyesight, and in the worse case, we can lose our vision.  Most eye diseases can go unnoticed for quite some time.  We strive to keep up to date technology at our Staten Island eye care facility.  Our optical staff will explain everything about eye health in detail to ensure you understand.

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