Staten Island pediatric eye care

Staten Island Pediatric Eye Care

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Children’s eye exams in Staten Island

Staten Island pediatric eye care
Staten Island pediatric eye care

Children should see a variety of different health specialists on a regular basis throughout their young lives. Children do a great deal of growing and developing before birth, but they continue to grow throughout their entire childhood. Because of these gradual and constant changes, it’s important that you have medical specialists monitor your child’s overall growth to look out for any problems, diseases, and other conditions. This applies to eye health as well. Here at Focus Vision Care your children can easily get the Staten island pediatric eye care that they need every year or in the event of an emergency.

Children should begin to see a pediatric optometrist from the time that they are about six months old. Your child’s eyes will initially be examined upon birth, looking out for any initial defects or other diseases and problems. But since children continue to grow, they are likely to develop other developmental issues during their young lives. Issues like lazy eye, crossed eyes, vision impairments, and more should be looked out for by a professional on a regular basis. From the time that your child has their first exam, they should see a pediatric optometrist about once a year, just about as often as a teenager or an adult should have their eyes examined as well. Here at Focus Vision Care, we provide comprehensive Staten Island pediatric eye care that looks out for these issues while also taking care of problems that may arise such as injuries or infections.

It’s important that parents pay attention to the way that their child’s eyes look on a regular basis. Any changes in the direction of their eyes look, any issues with following objects or focusing, and even cosmetic changes such as a reddening of the eyes for the presence of discharge should be addressed by a pediatric optometrist a soon as possible. Here at Focus Vision Care our pediatric specialists are ready to make sure that your children get the state of the art Staten Island pediatric eye care that they deserve.

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