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Staten Island Sunglasses

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Prescription Sunglasses on Staten Island

Sunglasses are widely used as a fashion accessory. They can easily make someone look cool, whether the weather happens to yield a lot of sun or not, but actually wearing sunglasses during bright and sunny weather is important for your health. Aside from making a fashion statement, wearing sunglasses can help protect your eyes, eve when it isn’t summer time. With the help of prescription sunglasses, patients with vision impairments in Staten Island can protect their eyes easily. Staten Island sunglasses as well as regular eyeglasses, here at Focus Vision Care, can help improve your vision as well as protect your eyes.

Staten Island Sunglasses
Staten Island Sunglasses


The sun can actually be harmful to your eyes all year round, not just in the summer time. We are more aware of the sun’s dangers in summer because we are very often reminded to wear sunscreen and to stay out of the sunlight for extended periods of time. Doing so will often result in sunburns and blisters, and too much sun exposure has been known to be directly related to skin cancer. The reason why we hear about the dangers of the sun and its harmful UV rays in the summer is because that is when the weather is warmest – because it is so hot, people tend to wear clothing that exposes more skin to these UV rays. But UB rays are around all year, even in the winter. We just don’t think about it since the weather is cold and we are normally bundled up. But your eyes are always exposed, so it is imperative that you protect them with the help of sunglasses. For those who normally wear prescription glasses, you may opt out of wearing sunglasses simply because the ones you pick up at the store have no prescription strength applied to the lenses. Here at Focus Vision Care, we can provide you with prescription Staten Island sunglasses that will allow you to see clearly while also blocking out the glare of the sun as well as its dangerous UV rays.


Our Staten Island sunglasses are 100% UV protected. They can keep your eyes safe from glare just as well as they can protect them from overexposure. Come on by Focus Vision Care to pick up a pair of prescription sunglasses today.

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